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Women's Annual Wellness Checkup in San Antonio, TX

Are you considering skipping your annual women’s wellness exam? Think again. Despite feeling fine, this checkup is crucial for your long-term health. At Women’s Wellness of SA, located in San Antonio, Universal City, and Schertz, we prioritize preventive care because it can save lives. Here’s why you should schedule your women’s annual wellness exam with us:

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Prevention is Key

A physical annual exam may not be the highlight of your year, but it could be a lifesaver. Even without symptoms, you could have abnormalities like masses or fibroids that need attention. Screening tests such as Pap smears and breast exams are essential for catching potential problems before they become serious. Therefore, prevention is the key to maintain your health and wellness.

Early Detection Matters

Cancers affecting women often don’t show symptoms until they’re advanced. That’s why regular screenings are crucial. Pap smears can detect abnormal cervical cells, while breast exams can identify lumps or abnormalities indicative of breast cancer. Early detection through annual wellness exams can significantly improves treatment outcomes and reduces complications.

Women's Wellness Checkup Helps In Monitoring Health Changes

During your wellness exam, our women’s health providers at our clinics in San Antonio, Universal City and Shertz, review your health history and lifestyle factors to spot any changes over time. We ensure you’re up-to-date on vaccinations and screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies. Regular check-ups allow us to monitor your health and intervene early if needed.

We Answer Your Questions

Women’s wellness exams are a safe space to ask delicate questions about contraception, sexual health, or any other concerns you may have. If you’re planning a pregnancy, we can provide guidance and support to ensure you’re in optimal health. Visit or call to our Women’s Wellness clinics in San Antonio, Universal City, and Schertz if you have any questions about physical annual checkup.

What to Expect During Your Annual Wellness Exam?

  • Medical History

We gather information about your health background to track any changes and assess potential risks.

  • General Physical

A comprehensive check-up to evaluate your overall health, including vital signs and visible signs of illness or injury.

  • Lab Work

Blood and urine tests detect underlying conditions such as infections or pregnancy, as well as routine screenings like checking iron levels for anemia.

  • Breast Exam

Manual examination of breast tissue to check for any abnormalities, followed by appropriate diagnostic tests if necessary.

  • Pelvic Exam

Although it may seem uncomfortable, this exam is critical for detecting issues with your reproductive organs, such as abnormalities in the ovaries or uterus.

  • Pap Smear

Screening for cervical cancer by collecting cells from the cervix to check for abnormalities or the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV).

  • STI Screening

Optional but important for sexual health, especially if you’re sexually active or experiencing symptoms.

  • Birth Control

Discussion of contraception options tailored to your needs and preferences.

All individuals with vaginas, including transgender and non-binary individuals, should prioritize women’s wellness exams once in a year. These exams include screenings for infections, diseases, and cancer, as well as guidance on reproductive health, contraception, and menopause. The frequency of exams varies based on factors such as age, sexual activity, overall health, and family history.

It’s recommended that women undergo a wellness exam at least annually. However, some individuals may require more frequent exams based on their health history and risk factors. If you have concerns or experience symptoms, consult us – your healthcare provider in San Antonio, Universal City ,& Schertz – for an evaluation.

At Women’s Wellness of SA, we offer comprehensive women’s wellness exams that cover all aspects of health in one visit at our clinics located in San Antonio, Universal City, and Schertz in Texas. Our providers prioritize your well-being and strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment. With convenient scheduling options for san antonio community, we make it easy for you to prioritize your health amidst life’s demands.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your annual women’s wellness exam. This simple appointment could make all the difference in safeguarding your health. Schedule your exam today to stay proactive and ensure your well-being. Whether you book online or call our women’s health clinic in Universal City and Schertz, and other nearby areas in San Antonio community.

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